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Jul 24, 2011 9:00pm CDT
last week. gaynor hall has the story. >> the parade in lake zurich marched on today under, friends' plant flowers at the site of the hit and run that took full life of the 18 year-old son. >> the best person i ever know. >> friday night gabby was walking on the shoulder of the road with her friends heading to the festival. >> it is how i got this scratch and i didn't even care and at the same time i got hit. >> gabby was pronounced dead at the liberty bell hospital, the sisters suffered minor injuries. investigators have some evidence that they need help to find the light colored suv that hit the teen and kept on going. on the dark street. >> is not very well illuminated. >> she had graduated from high school early and was looking forward to the future. >> she was ready to move on with her life. >> now they're struggling to move on without her and asking the driver responsible to come forward. and i want them to hear what they did and how bad they heard us. and how that hurts to know that someone leaves you and leaves you to die like you don't matter. >> funeral arrangement
Jul 22, 2011 7:00am EDT
the organization's ethics committee in zurich. it's alleged the man from qatar and who was the head of football in asia was involved in bribing and football officials involving tens of thousands of dollars. david, he is supposed to appear today. will he? >> very good question. we still don't know if he's turned up, and there have been reports he hasn't even traveled to zurich. but in the last hour he has issued a new statement and already seems to be conceding he won't win. he said if we believe only press statements made all on what of different fifa officials, then despite the weakness of the case against me, i'm not confident the hearing will be conducted in the manner any of us will like. it's likely fifa already made its decision weeks ago. so he seems to be conceding there's not a point to turn up because already he's been found guilty of bribing officials. >> what would be the punishment? >> there's a range of punishments from the fifa, but the most severe would be a ban from all football posts for life. that wouldn't just be as vice president or executive but in the federation where he
Jul 1, 2011 5:30am PDT
office knew that i really love cats. without my garfield id, i left havana in 1981 and went to zurich, switzerland, thanks to james joyce. my dancing there became walking through the silence of the city. instead of people looking at me like my family did when i was a child, people began to ask me, where are you from? i felt disoriented, exiled. the changing perception of nature, religious views, philosophical and political opinions, botanical knowledge and idiomatic sounds, everything new. i asked myself many times for a specific reason why my irish family went to cuba and began searching for missing pieces of my irish history in irish, cuban, and catalan archives to discover before me that i had a fascinating history of displacement and transformations in various geographic setings. my book, ticket it ride, is a personal journey towards the past and the present. there is no one but many places i belong to: havana, dublin, mahon, barcelona, and since the lay 80's, the bay area. so thank you very much. . >> i'm going to do this in about 5 parts. i hope you will bear with me. first of a
Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
not serve their intended purpose. the zurich insurance co. got one but the company moved its jobs to the county anyway and sold the building. the tax break ended when the property sold. the property is owned by johns hopkins because hopkins is a non-profit. it is off the property tax rolls altogether. >> a baltimore judge ruled that a lawsuit against the proposed state center project can go forward. the suit was filed by a group of downtown property owners to argue procurement rules were not argued in picking the developer. the state wanted to dismiss the suit. it moves to the next phase. it would redevelop the state office complex in midtown baltimore. >> homeowners are facing foreclosure. a group of volunteers went door to door to inform homeowners in trouble that help is available. >> a number of volunteers from the state and city organizations were out in full force in northeast baltimore going literally door to door in a number of different neighborhoods here telling folks about the emergency mortgage assistance program, a state program that can help folks who are facing fore
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am EDT
. really quite heavy, off by more than 2%, comfortably more than 2%, and with the paris and zurich off by 2.1%, zurich off by more than 2.1% and the same theme as we saw in monday's session which is the banks very heavily being sold at the moment heavily, there is clearing great deal of worry about the contagion spreading to italy about this moving into a generalized crisis with a lot of banks really coming under pressure with non-performing government bonds on their books, and just one other theme, thomas cook is down on a profit warning, but really the whole worry about italy's finances very much putting all of that in state and look at that on the milan stock exchange we're looking at a punishing session off by 4.25%. let's move on to the currency markets not surprisingly we're seeing continuing pressure on the euro, the dollar being bought very much as the safe haven currency so 1.3850 and the euro is lower than that in the past few hours so we're looking possibly at the euro maybe even breaking down below 1.3800, that's being talked about in the currency markets, equally weakness there
Jul 7, 2011 1:00am PDT
where we are at the moment. yeah. the ftse up 0.25%. and the zurich smi, hesitantly to the good half an hour ago, is actually up by around about 50%. not an enormous amount of interest rates and what we're going to get from wall street are going to be crucial in a session like this. >> absolutely, charles. we have a big jobs number in a little more than 24 hours coming out of the u.s., which is always going to be a big marker for markets. >>> here in asia today, more of a mixed session, really, for the markets. banking stocks in focus of china and hong kong, after the chinese interest rised 0.25% on wednesday. analysts say that was the final interest rate rise of inflation in china. in japan, the nikkei ending a seven-day rally. it was down to 0.1%. that was the rally we've seen on the nikkei for two years. in australia, a strong jobs report did little to boost the asx, though. it fell flat, despite the job numbers. >>> to remind you what happened in the united states on wednesday. investors got into the buying mood. allison has a wrap of the action on wall street. >> reporter: stock
Jul 25, 2011 12:00pm CDT
to the modeling session prior to the funeral arrangements have been made yet ... >>lake zurich police are asking for the public's help to find a driver that killed a recent high-school graduate and injured two sisters the three girls were walking along the shoulder of church street just north of jamie lane when the driver had them friday night 18 year-old gabby tray odds drugs died at the hospital her friends struggle to make sense of the treasury during laxer its alpine festival celebration a celebration the girls were heading to when she was killed ... the vehicle is described as a light-colored normal estivate with damage to the front passenger's side colleagues or police if you have any information ... >>medical examiner's a woman fell three stories to her death gage park over the weekend was murdered 39 urals and dearborn's was found just a 5:00 a.m. saturday morning on the sidewalk and the 5800 block of south kedzie officials say that she died from injuries related to the fall off and determine that someone pushed her short time later police found 28 year-old man and fauna and that theref
Jul 22, 2011 5:00am EDT
. the former fifa president candidate faces the organization's ethics committee today in zurich. that's at the headquarters to answer charges of bribery. it's alleged mr. bin hammam,who was the head of football in asia, was involved in paying bribes at a campaign meeting in trinidad to regional football officials involving tens of thousands of dollars. it's something mr. b. hammam denies. he says he's done nothing wrong and says he is the target of an orchestrated campaign to discredit him. let's get more on this. we can speak to the bbc's gordon farquuhar, who's covering the meeting. will this ethics committee decide the fate of bin hammam? >> well, they will do, at least in the short term, because it is they that suspended him in the first place, they that created this hearing for him to come to today, and they will decide whether or not he should be banned permanently from football, whether for a period of years or whether for life, as there's been some speculation. that may not necessarily be the end of his recourse, if you like, to the law. he could perhaps take a case out to the
Jul 6, 2011 1:00am PDT
of the zurich down.7%. let's talk about asian markets in the meantime. mixed fortunes there. tokyo's nikkei. we saw banking stocks weighing on the market. also on the shanghai composite as well. this came after an investment company sold $3.6 million worth of holdings in two chinese banks. that after moody's warned of a downgrade for the sector. we did have elsewhere a bit further south the s&p asx 200 inching up one-sixth of a percent. the other two were down on the day. there wasn't much to write home about on wall street for tuesday either. u.s. stocks ended the session with little change. investors have one eye on friday's u.s. monthly jobs report and the other fixed on the debt crisis unfolding in europe. despite the low key session, though, still one company on the move, we're talking about shares of netflix. that jumped by 8%. all this came after the company unveiled plans to take the online video streaming service beyond the north america space to a global audience. as you can probably see from the chart we are showing you before, we did have the nasdaq up. the other two down. now from
Jul 8, 2011 1:00am PDT
. zurich up 0.23%. we had that quarter of percentage point interest rate hike on wednesday that was effectively in the price we may see lingering optimism from thursday when the ecb said it would still use portuguese debt as loan collateral, despite the rating being cut. so the european authorities, if you like, sticking two fingers to the idea that portugal is producing junk bonds at the moment. they will accept these junk bonds, andrew. >>> a positive day here in the markets in asia to round off the week. it looks like the risk game is back on. it began last week. there has been quite a lot of money starting to come back into the emerging market after they fell out of favor for much of the year. if you look at the first six months or so of this year, the world index, according to morgan stanley capital index, shows it's been out-performing the emerging markets by a rate of 3-1. that seems to be turning around. analysts are saying that because the debt crisis in greece is settling and there's light another the end of the tunnel with the china inflation story that risk appe
Jul 13, 2011 1:00am PDT
some gains, so is the xetra dax t. zurich smi is pretty much flat at the moment on this wednesday morning. nina? >>> pauline, of course, the effects of italy's debt crisis are being next right across the board. let's have a look at where the ftse is. the milanese has lost about 4,000 points in the last six months alone as fears of contagion after the bailout is awarded have been hitting the shores in italy. it is the southern and peripheral areas of the eurozone that are most at risk. we also have the euro trading at 1.40 versus the dollar. up a little bit. boy, is that a currency that has suffered over the last few days because a lot of people have been saying that if italy is the next country that requires a bailout, it could be too big to fail. >>> nina, we're also seeing investors flee to the safe haven of the yen. it has broken that 80-yen mark but weakening just slightly from yesterday at 79.63. china announced a higher than expected gdp figure for june which eased worries about an abrupt slowdown in the economy. but the debt crisis in europe is still keeping many investors
Jul 29, 2011 1:00am PDT
for many of these markets and the heaviest coming from the zurich smi line. moody's has placed aaa's possible bond for a downgrade. they say a weak growth opportunities for the country were behind this decision. now, spain's ibex fell on the backes of the news. it's currently trading down by more than 1%. that's the ibex 35 down 1.2% trading at 9543. coming back to the united king dorjs british sky broadcasting or bskyb has reported earnings of $2.28 billion, beating expectations. it it also announced it will be buying back shares and into v-- investors with were pleased with this. >>> let's check out the markets in asia. they closed out the week with the same story we've been telling almost every day. down, down, down again. ramy inocencio has the forecast. >> they fell about seven-tenth of a percent. on top of washington's deadline, earnings report from the electronics sector did not help very much. share prices from nintendo and sony both fell after they unexpectedly slashed their forecast. that's because gaming devices as well as demands for tvs has been pretty week. in hong ko
Jul 17, 2011 7:00am PDT
the state is not london, zurich, tokyo or moscow, it is the capital city of angola. luanda. exhibit a, a club sandwich and a soda there is said to cost $20.38. looking for something a little more cost effective? the study says your best bet is karachi in pakistan. perhaps that's not the best place to move at this point. for more on the study go to the correct answer to our
Jul 17, 2011 10:00am PDT
expensive place for the states is not london, zurich, tokyo, or moscow, as you might imagine. it is the capital city of angola. no idea where that is? let us help you. exhibit a of its costliness. a soda is said to cost $20.38. looking for something a little more cost effective? the study says your best bet is karachi in pakistan. perhaps that's not the best place to move at this point. for more on the study, go to our website,
Jul 18, 2011 1:00am PDT
's more or less where we're trade tagt moment. with the zurich smi down the lowest 1.16% just 15 minutes ago. i is now moving slightly out of the red ads you can see. down 1.16% and the london ftse down by 0.68%. nig manisha. >> i think one day we should get together with ivan. we should have a stock charge. asia would be persistent rain but here right now it would be foggy because we have no idea what's going to happen with the debts in the u.s. and europe. not the a lot to see. that's one of the reasons the markets have been under pressure. you can see from the numbers the trade has but been pretty cautious. when you have one of the markets also closed, that doesn't help matterses much. the only bright spot were the numbers. looking to the upside. chinese property market up 2% last month for that particular area which is a big investment area for asia. there you go, there are the markets. that is it for this edition of "world business today" today. i'm manisha tank in hong kong. >> and i'm nina dos santos in london. good-bye for now.
Jul 21, 2011 1:00am PDT
is the zurich smi. >> here in asia, the uncertainly about bad debt has kept investors from taking risks. new figures on the chinese manufacturing sector weighed on stocks in this region. a survey from hsbc says that money measures are affecting the economy. >>> let's give our viewers a reminder of what happened on wall street on wednesday. investors were preoccupied by washington's stalemate when it comes to raising the borrowing limit. alison kosik joins us with details. >> investors worry that lawmakers may not have time to reach a debt deal in time. the august 2nd deadline is less than two weeks away. the dow dipped 15 points, ending at 12571. and the s&p 500 dipped a fraction. some stocks in focus wednesday. amr, the parent company of american airlines, was little changed on the heels of the carrier's massive jet order. but boeing gained 2%. it will make half of american airlines' new fleet. >>> shares of zillow more than doubled from its pricing. it trades under the ticker symbol z. it closed at almost $36 a share. that gives it a market value of $1 million. home sales slipped by 0.8%.
Jul 13, 2011 2:00am PDT
and zurich. the gains in europe were moderate yesterday. after yesterday's selloff, i don't think he we eel complain. trading houses like mitsubishi gained after credit suisse game them an outperformed rating. the bank of japan will buy about $275 million of japanese traded funds. the hang seng closed up 1.1%, off its worst two-day decline in 17 months. >> watching what's going on in italy right now. at the same time overnight we've had a warning about ireland's credit rating. >> that's right. u.s. stocks closed near the lows of the session on tuesday because of that news of the irish debt downgrade. moody's downgraded the debt to junk status. moody's also kept its outlook on ireland's sovereign debt negative. that drew harsh response from the finance minister causing many investors to rethink
Jul 22, 2011 7:00am PDT
across the span and no back on the approach coming across from highway 92. zurich dark >> there are two new suspects that have been arrested with it for the beating of bryan still at the dodgers game. the lapd told tmz that the suspects arrested in not look like the suspect sketches and that is what through the detective's office. they say that it to another unit within the police department to figure out that the detectives were looking for the wrong people. if they file a case against the two new suspects, 31 year-old giovanni ramirez looks to be exonerated. when he is in jill currently on an unrelated parole violation. here is his attorney. >> we are waiting like everyone else. we know that we have a big job to do and they have a lot of work ahead of them. we're putting all our faith in the lapd. there is a lot of work to be done. borden we're waiting for the legal process to take shape. >> was not the attorney for ramirez. that was the family of france. they also ended the latest on the condition of bryan's bill. a nurse has said he opened both eyes and put his right hand up concern
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)